Engagement and wedding rings and unique jewellery that speak of authenticity and enchantment

Create in your own style and tell your own story with our jewellery. Each piece of jewellery is designed and
made with the idea that the jewellery not only adorns the wearer externally, but also glows
your love and personality and brings a spark of Let it Shine attitude to the wearer's life.

At Anton Leivo's Anna Loistaa jewellery studio, engagement and wedding rings and other jewellery have a unique story, feel and attitude. Our journey began over a decade ago, and it's reflected in our designer's distinctive, original take on jewellery design.

You can find us at Lönnrotinkatu 31, 00180 Helsinki.

Freedom, responsibility, authenticity and quality are values we do not compromise on. Responsibility is
the basis of our operations - most of our precious metals are recycled from Rasmussen in Norway.
Design and manufacturing are carried out by local professionals: our own studio and
K. Raiskinen Jewellery Factory in Kirkkonummi.

Come on a journey with us, and discover the inner and outer brilliance of your life.



"Vena amoris" - "vein of love". Traditionally, it was believed that this vein ran directly from the anonymous left hand to the heart, which is why engagement and wedding rings are placed on this finger.

We make custom-made rings according to your wishes from our own design, or one we have designed.

Our popular materials are yellow gold and sapphires, but we use heat-treated titanium, stainless steel, various gold alloys, and platinum. The possibilities are endless.

From our selection, you'll find dazzling Montana sapphires skillfully cut in Sri Lanka in a local family-owned workshop. We can trace the origin of each stone from the raw stone in the mine to the cut sapphire and the finished ring—a symbol of love.
We get the stones from our partner, Namu Jewelleryltä.

The colour spectrum of naturally occurring sapphires is exuberant, and the shading, clarity and colour variation of each stone, as well as combinations of different cuts, make them unique.

Our choice of gemstones in engagement rings is a sign of responsibility, transparency, and quality.

If possible, we also use our customers' own materials.

The design work and completion of the rings take a month. The work is a two-way process to create the perfect ring.

The rings come with a lifetime guarantee, having been checked and serviced in our shop every year after purchase.

Sparkle ring from the Melt collection in sky blue Montana sapphire 2100€
Ethical jewels.

Feel free to contact us or stop by our shop; we want to help you tell your story.



Lönnrotinkatu 31, 00180 Helsinki.