Let It Shine Jewel Studio is a specialty store for jewelry. Our work takes place at our studio on Lönnrotinkatu. The design work and manufacturing are done by local professionals: our own studio and Koruvalimo K. Raiskinen from Kirkkonummi. All in Finland. Our precious metals are recycled from Rasmussen in Norway. Our jewelry features both genuine and lab-created gemstones of the highest quality. You'll find a wide range of gold and silver jewelry crafted with genuine passion at our studio.

Jewelry, their significance, and love are all intimately intertwined. The ring is traditionally made as a symbol of love. This tradition stems from the belief in the 'Vena Amoris - vein of love,' which suggests that a vein runs from the left ring finger directly to the heart. From our selection, you'll find ethical Montana Sapphires,
cut in a Sri Lankan family workshop.

We design, manufacture, and repair jewelry. We offer ready-made collections from which you can choose gifts for yourself and your loved ones. Custom orders and design are integral parts of our studio's services.
Everything is done with genuine passion, thought, and attitude.
The Anna Loistaa attitude is the courage to dream. Welcome to Lönkka!

Feel free to contact us or stop by our shop; we want to help you tell your story.



Lönnrotinkatu 31, 00180 Helsinki.