A jewelry designer and entrepreneur crafting innovation, Anton Leivo's roots lie between the North and the East. His grandmother arrived in Helsinki as a refugee from Karelia. Anton grew up on the shores of the restless Baltic Sea. Inspired by films, books, and stories, his interest in jewellery ignited, and his professional journey has stretched over almost fifteen years of adventures in various goldsmith's workshops, art exhibitions, and schools.

Creating something new, discovering the unknown, and a thirst for excitement have always been the driving forces in Anton's life. In 2012, that spark burst into flame—a defining moment that transformed Anton's reflection on an uncertain future into a compelling force for creation.

A winter holiday. A skiing accident. Two days of unconsciousness. Doctor's initial assessment: moderate brain injury.
No big deal. Nothing is forever.

The accident was a wake-up call and a lesson in the importance of life: dreams, aspirations, and the limitless exploration of what is capable and what is possible.

Anton has held art exhibitions in Munchen and Helsinki. His jewellery has been featured as an outfit for The Rasmus at the Eurovision Song Contest. He holds a degree in jewellery design from Lahti and has worked at Cité's artist residency in Paris, opposite Notre Dame.

Anton Leivo looks at the world with curiosity, combining traditional goldsmithing techniques with the latest technology. 3D modelling and craftsmanship intertwine in Leivo's work to create unprecedented combinations. Modern and classic. Quality and uniqueness. Passion and skill. Tradition and change.

Anton Leivo's vision is to bring the phrase "Let It Shine" to life and create imagination, playfulness, and curiosity around it.

Welcome to join us on this journey!



  • Hot opal summer, Galleria Art Frida, Helsinki 2022


  • K9, Galleria Art Frida, Helsinki 2022
  • Bloom 22, Galleria Benjamin Eck, Munich Jewellery Week 2022
  • Insect hotel, Galleria Art Frida, Helsinki 2021
  • Kierto 22, Galleria Pirkko-Liisa Topelius, Helsinki 2021


  • Cite Internationale des Arts 3-month residency, France 2020


  • Eurovision 2022 jewelry worn by The Rasmus, on the Turquoise carpet


  • Vuoden koru -Finalist, Finland 2021
  • Årets Guldkorn -finalist in the design competition, Sweden 2017


  • Lahti Institute of Design, Decorative Designer 2014 - 2019
  • Espoo School of Watchmaking, Micromechanics 2019