The "Mood Palace" is a storage for memories, combining emotions and events through objects that are physical. Create your own mood palace by attaching an important experience as a memory to a piece of jewellery, either by wearing it at the right moment or by giving it to a loved one. When you want to revisit the memory, you can wear the jewellery. Go through the event in your mind and reinforce the memories in your mood palace.







EMMA Gala promotional photos where gorgeous Bess represents Anna Lista in earrings and chain together with a dress designed by Mert Otsamo.















Melt -collection

"Melting, transformation, dive, unknown."
A few words about the mood of the jewelry collection and the images.

At the heart of the Sulama collection is a story—an adventure that dives deep into an underwater world. There, in the unknown, a woman encounters the power of change and experiences the world from a new perspective. The past becomes familiar. Understanding becomes self-evident. Returning from beneath the surface, the woman discovers her old jewellery box. Examining its contents, she sees that the old jewellery has undergone the same transformation. She remembers their fascination.

After the adventure, what remains is the experienced change, organic design, and the sparkle of the jewelry. Surfaces that were once straight and regular have now transformed and turned, narrating their own story. Change is a process of renewal. The jewelry acquires a new life and meaning. The material adapts and transforms as it melts.

The jewelry of the SULAMA collection and its narrative shine as gold, silver, and gemstones sparkle on undulating surfaces. Each piece of jewelry has undergone a transformation that tells the story of a unique adventure and the traces it leaves behind. Anton Leivo, a jewelry designer and creator, has crafted a narrative and transformed it into a flowing design language that blends 3D-modeling with craftsmanship. The modern technical world seamlessly integrates with traditional goldsmithing.

Innovation, the unknown, and curiosity are the jewels of Anton Leivo's jewelry design. His work results in jewellery, stories, and memorable moments. In addition, Anton hopes that the work will spark imagination, dreaming, and fantasy.

The collection can be seen at Lönnrotinkatu 31, Helsinki.







In 2022, the "Mask of Unity" and the dark "Tarantula" -brooch visited with The Rasmus at the Turquoise Carpet of the Eurovision Song Contest. Lauri had the pendant around his neck, and Eero wore a spider on his jacket.












THE SWARM -collection


Full of detail and fantasy, the collection is born out of joy and curiosity.

The Swarm's jewelry draws inspiration from insects and the quiet beauty of the northern hemisphere, represented by the 'Let it shine' attitude. The collection mimics the intense essence of the Midsummer night sun—the endless day, the transformation of extremes. The fire of expression and emotion glows like a beacon. Sparks and burning coals soar high. Out of the ashes rise ideas, wonders, and life.

Between sunrise and fading twilight is a world where seekers thrive on change. From the staged landscape, behind the curtain, the nymph is transformed into a butterfly.

The collection flies out into the world like a swarm of bees gathering nectar.

The swarm is made up of 24 magical pieces: Nether Masks, Underworld Guises, Solum Rings, Links Earrings, and the Irons Bracelets. When the right pieces are together, they form the Nether Amulets or summon an Underworld Envoy.

The amulet acts as a tool to channel energy from an unknown dimension. Power flows through the amulets. A different insect—a bee, an ant, and a fly—represents each of the three energies.

Underworld Envoy is the embodiment of the hidden—a force turned into matter. The transformation of energy is the power of Tuonela.

The story of the Swarm descends into the complex world of the subconscious. It is an adventure of the imagination and a journey through the unknown.

Let your imagination shine!